Nick He’s Just So Dreamy!

Nick_LacheyNick Lachey is just so dreamy. He has the perfect hair, smile, skin, and style. What’s there not to love about him? I remember the first time I laid eyes on him, when I found out he was marrying Jessica Simpson. I was never around during his days with his group 98 Degrees. After I saw him and found out who he was I started to listen to his music, watch his reality show with Jessica, and I tried to catch everything I knew he would be appearing on. My favorite song of his came from one of his solo albums, “What’s Left Of Me”. The lyrics spoke to me the first time I heard them, ever since then I knew I didn’t want my life to pass me by as I look into my pass at the mistakes I have made instead of finding the love I want and deserve. 

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nick-lachey and vanessa millino

How Did Vanessa Do It? Vanessa Millino And Her Husband Nick Lachey Welcomed Their Second Child Just Last Month, But She Has A Great Figure!

nick-lachey and vanessa millinoNow that we are all in the know that Vanessa Millino is no longer walking around with a baby bump, but with a little girl, what have they all been up to? Well, here have the news. Vanessa, the second time mom who just delivered baby girl Brooklyn Elizabeth Lachey with her husband Nick lachey on January 5, 2015, is hitting the gym. She is already back to her pre-pregnancy body shape just one month after delivering her baby girl!

Vanessa, 34, was one of the many celebrities who were present at Molly Sims’ Baby shower in Calif, Bel-Air. Vanessa was rocking a fitting knee length leopard print dress with a lovely black blazer, black sky high pumps and dark sunglasses for the baby shower that was an afternoon affair.
We all know how getting back in shape is hard after having a child, especially baby number two, but Vanessa looks so stunning after delivering. And she is not shy to show off her slim post pregnancy figure to everyone. She walked onto the wet pavement of Mollys’ home with her chestnut hair relaxed in curls and finished her unique look with very little accessories; a pair of gold bracelets and a cute black clutch bag.

Nick Lachey and Vanessa Millino welcomed their baby girl on January 5 and they announced it on their website. They thanked everyone for supporting them all through their pregnancy and shared a beautiful picture of the little girls’ hand. I’m sure even the hematologist at the hospital who attended to her was also happy that Vanessa is well.

Nick and Vanessa are not new parents since they already have a two year old boy, Camden so they know too well the challenges that come with raising a newborn baby. They are prepared to overcome the obstacles and be the perfect role models for their children. Just like being a respiratory therapist comes with its own share of challenges, it does not stop those wishing to join the profession from creating resumes for respiratory therapist jobs. This is because they are aware of the challenges that one may face being in the profession, but they have ways of overcoming them. They know the joy of giving somebody a second chance in life and they are prepared to overcome those hurdles. Same way Nick and Vanessa are prepared to giving parenting their best shot.

The couple revealed they were expecting their second baby way back in July 2014. Vanessa is so excited with her new baby she even shared a picture of the little girl on Instagram in a new Orbit Bay car seat with Camden sitting next to the girl. Nick Lachey is also excited with the latest addition to his family and he is really trying to be the perfect daddy to the little girl and Camden as well. We all wish him all the best as he brings up these little angles.

What we really are happy to say is that Vanessa is the hottest mama in town with her new post pregnancy body! Congratulations Vanessa!

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vanessa and nick lachey

Nick Lachey and Vanessa Millino Got Their New Year Present: A Baby Girl!

vanessa and nick lacheyWow! It’s a baby girl. Brooklyn Elisabeth Lachey she is! And the Lachey’s are dotting on her like a little princess. Camden is now a big brother. This has got to be Vanessa’s best New Year gift she has ever got and Nick Lachey too! Congratulations are in order for the both of you. The proud mummy couldn’t hold her joy and she announced the news to the whole world on her official blog on January 6.
Vanessa announced on her official blog that she had received her bundle of joy on January 5th,2015 at 5:17pm. Brooklyn Elisabeth Lachey weighed 7 pounds and 15 ounces and was 21 inches long. She declared that the little princess had really won their hearts and that Nick and Camden love her to bits!
She even went on to tell her followers how she had been dreaming of the day she would meet her little girl. She shared how one of her friends had told her how the birth of her daughter would be so magical because it’s the day she would meet her best friend! And sure enough, it was really magical and Vanessa is all excited about little Brooklyn. It’s obvious she is such a happy and proud mommy of the little angel.
Nick was actually the one who made this big announcement that they were expecting baby number two last year in July. Nick and Vanessa have been married for 3 years since July 2011, when they celebrated their wedding on Richard Branson Necker Island. Nick had been married to Jessica Simpson, from October 2002 to November 2005.
Nick was so excited he even shared with his twitter followers a captioned picture written “It’s a girl” on the sand! How sweet! We are even thinking that Nick has already started looking for a cute little dog for his little angel. Want to learn more about small dogs that are great with kids? Check them out here.
Nick and Vanessa had their first baby, Camden John, in 2012. Vanessa suffered from “baby blues” at first and she even wrote about her emotional challenges and experiences on her blog. Luckily, Vanessa came through it and she is now a proud mommy of 2 year old Camden. We just hope this time round she does not go through the same experience again.
Nick told the parent’s magazine that his wife’s maternal side is dynamic to her personality and it’s even made her sexier!
We are sure Nick is completely happy with the latest family addition and he keeps gazing at his little angel. Vanessa will also get spoilt by Nick for giving birth to a lovely, beautiful baby girl. Meanwhile, Nick is always home checking on his wife and enjoying mugs of coffee since we are sure he has one of the best burr grinders for making his favorite coffee. We all can’t wait to see pictures of the cute little Brooklyn Elisabeth Lachey.
Congratulations to the newest parents in town!

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There is a Baby Girl In the Lachey’s Family

nick lacheyCamden is a big brother now! Vanessa and Nick have welcomes their second born child. The happy and proud mom shared the news on her website on Tuesday, 6th of January. She said, “She is here, Camden, Nick, and I are so happy to announce the birth of our beloved and long awaited daughter, Brooklyn Lachey”. The baby was born on Jan 5th at 5.17pm and she weighed 7 pounds 15 ounces.

Vanessa said that she has been dreaming of the moment for as long as she can remember, the day she was going to meet her beautiful girl. She said that her friends has been telling her about how special and magical the day was going to be since it would be the day that she would meet her best friend. “I cannot even explain how it felt to hold her in my hands for the first time.” She even went ahead and thanked the little girl for bringing joy and happiness into their family.

Lachey announced that the couple was expecting a baby number two through twitter in July last year. “I can’t think of a better way to celebrate my three years of marriage to my beautiful wife Vanessa.” The 41 years old captioned a picture of ‘it’s a girl’ written on the sand. Raising kids is fun but Vanessa and Nick knows that it also comes with challenges and so they are prepared. If we take an example of a truck driver, many of them love their job but this doesn’t mean that there are no challenges facing truck drivers. Challenges are there but that does not hinder those interested in the job to create resumes for truck drivers. This is because they know that as long as you love what you are doing, you will have more fun than challenges. The same way, parenting is challenging but the benefit that comes with it outweighs the challenges.

Nick and Vanessa got married on Necker Island in July 2011. In May, Nick, who is a former 98 degrees singer, who had first got married to Jessica Simpson but they divorced. Jessica remarried and Nick has been praising his wife’s parenting skills.

“My wife’s maternal side is a new side of her personality, it has even made her sexier” Nick told The Parents magazine. On the other side, Vanessa said, “I was sure that the man I was going to marry was a great man, a family guy, and a good friend. I was also sure that the guy was going to respect and treat me and be a good dad and a role model to our children.” She said.

While Vanessa may be very busy than ever after coming home with a second child earlier this month, this young mother took a break from a mommy duty on Saturday night and went out with friends to have fun.

This TV personality gave birth to Brooklyn Elizabeth on jan 5 and she also attended the launch of the nine zero one salon on Melrose place and she left her newborn at home to show her support for her close friends and salon co-owners Nicki Lee and Riawna Capri.
This must be one of the best months for the Lachey’s family. Having two kids is an awesome thing and we can only imagine how happy nick is. We all wish this family all the best as their raise their kids.

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Nick Lachey is happy to be a father but not with his ex-wife Jessica Simpson

nick lacheyAs Nick Lachey insists that he holds no animosity towards his ex-wife Jessica, it does not seem as if he likes her so much even after their divorce.

During an interview on Jenny McCarthy’s Sirius XM show known as “Dirty, Sexy, Funny on Wednesday, Nick admitted that he is happy that he waited to have kids with his current wife Vanessa, and not with Simpson who he was married to from 2002 to 2006. He said “in our situation that was probably the best thing that could ever have happened that we did not have kids together” “and look, you are obviously going to love your kids regardless of how you feel about their mother or father, but all in all, it was the best thing for both of us that we went on with our lives and remarried.” He added. He looked composed with his medium hairstyle making him look even more handsome. I think one day I will ask Nick for a guide on men’s medium hairstyles for he always look stunning.

“Obviously, she is happily married with two kids and I am about to have the second child and so it worked out the way it was somehow meant to be.” To my opinion, I think Nick could be a good lawyer, or if not so, a paralegal since paralegal earns a good pay as well. This is because he appears to have a very good sense of convincing others. Whichever question, McCarthy asked him, he found a way to defend himself and he sounded right all through. It was a very interesting interview.

Jessica is happily married to Erick Johnson and they have two kids; Maxwell who is 2 and Ace who is 16 months. Meanwhile, Nick Lachey and his wife Vanessa Lachey are parents to Camden who just turned 2 and they have a little girl who is about a month away.

Nick went on and confessed that the two of them do not keep in touch. He said, “She and I do not necessarily stay it each other’s lives. I wouldn’t say we are friends, and I wouldn’t say we are enemies, but there is just no contact. We both moved on with life…it’s not animosity, not friendship, it’s just nothing.”

Surprisingly, McCarthy went ahead and asked Nick about getting intimate with his ex-wife but he said, “I don’t rush right down to Macy’s and purchase a bunch of shoes or clothes, but I also don’t hiss at the Television …its somewhere in the middle.”

When asked about getting intimate with his pregnant wife, he said, “when you get to this, you’ve got to be so creative on positioning…but am sire Vanessa is not that comfortable right now with much of anything including sex. It is a very uncomfortable time when you get to the last one and a half month.”

“It was my birthday this past weekend and so I did howl at the moon severally, he added.
Vanessa is in the last month of her pregnancy and the Lachey’s family is eagerly awaiting the arrival of the new princess in the family when Lachey will be a dad once again.


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Nick Lachey Is About To Release Is New Solo Album

nick lacheyAs Vanessa and Nick Lachey are getting ready to welcome their new baby girl, the couple was busy this past weekend celebrating the upcoming arrival of the long awaited princess in the Lachey family with a baby shower.

Well, what isn’t Nick doing these days? We all know that he is married to Vanessa and he is also a dad to baby Camden who just celebrated his two years old birthday. However, life is about to get even busier for the 40 years old celebrity since he is expecting his second child this winter, hosting VHI’S Big Morning Buzz Live and also filming new docuseries for A&E that follows him as well as his brother Drew, as they begin a life long dream of opening a sports bar in Cincinnati, their home town. With so much to do, nick never forgets that his family needs to relax in a clean and healthy pool. For this reason, he finds ways to get rid of cloudy pool water like the methods recommended here to ensure the enjoyment and health of his family. A cloudy pool may not be safe for people, especially small kids like Camden, and if you happen to have a pool at home, make sure that you get rid of the algae in the pool. Nick knows how to do it and his pool is always clear. (more…)

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Nick Lachey his Eagerly Awaited Daughter-Learn More

NICK LacheyNick Lachey, a well known recording artist, actor and television personality first became famous when he was the front man as of the popular band 98 Degrees. He sold 10 million albums worldwide and was also charting several top-forty hits. He later went onto one of MTV’s most successful known as Newlyweds. Later on, he launched an awesome album, what’s left of me and it went viral.

Do you know that nick Lachey runs a foundation and cares about the society?
This foundation was started in 2007 by Nick. It is a non profit organization that is dedicated to helping needy children and communities in the United States. When off stage, Lucky is a constant advocate for children and humanitarian as he work with the organization to raise much fund that is needed in various charity events across the country. They include feeding America, save the music foundation, big brothers big sisters, the boys and girls club, the Cincinnati school for performing arts and more.

Recently, Nick foundation, together with PNC Bank sponsored the first annual toy drive as well as holiday experience during Christmas. All the income generated from this event went towards a non-profit organization known as boys and girls of greater Cincinnati. This organization is there to empower yo8ung people and providing a nurturing environment where kids can learn and grow. In addition, Lucky worked so closely with dragonfly foundation where he visited kids fighting cancer. To date, Nick remains a dedicated and loyal supporter for a number of organizations that are doing well across the world and he is doing well financially. However, you do not have to be like Nick Lachey to be famous and rich. You can succeed in the small thing that you do. There are numerous jobs that can make you a great person. For example, bartender job  can expose you to numerous activities. Having to serve numerous customers helps you get to know many people who can advice you on many matters. You can also seek a construction job  and still live a happy and fulfilled life. All you need to do is to love what you are doing and you will succeed.

Nick Lachey takes Vanessa Out
There is this evening, Wednesday, Aug 6 when Vanessa Lackey, who is pregnant with her second born child went for a date night with her husband Nick.

The expecting parents spent quality time together during dinner in a restaurant in Los Angeles. After telling people about Vanessa’s pregnancy in July, Vanessa, who is now 33, has been looking good on cute maternity outfits. She dresses her bump in maxi dresses, casual jeans, T-shirts, and jumpsuits.

As For the evening with her husband, who is also a T V personality, Vanessa chose to wear a cute patterned frock. Her sleeveless dress featured a smoked bodice which portrayed her bump, and a flared skirt. She wore her hair down and she also added a nude colored bag as well as strappy sandals. Lackey, who is 40, looked happy being with his pregnant wife. He wore a simple white V-neck T-shirt, a baseball cap, and a khaki pant.

The couple is super exited about having a baby girl. According to a source that talked to US Weekly, the couple wanted to start trying after their first born son Cam was at least 1 year old and when they are free from work. The fun part now will be picking an ideal name for the little princess Lackey.

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