Nick He’s Just So Dreamy!

Nick_LacheyNick Lachey is just so dreamy. He has the perfect hair, smile, skin, and style. What’s there not to love about him? I remember the first time I laid eyes on him, when I found out he was marrying Jessica Simpson. I was never around during his days with his group 98 Degrees. After I saw him and found out who he was I started to listen to his music, watch his reality show with Jessica, and I tried to catch everything I knew he would be appearing on. My favorite song of his came from one of his solo albums, “What’s Left Of Me”. The lyrics spoke to me the first time I heard them, ever since then I knew I didn’t want my life to pass me by as I look into my pass at the mistakes I have made instead of finding the love I want and deserve. 

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Nick Lachey’s favorite vacationing spots

t is common knowledge that celebrities love to have a great vacation. They always seem to know where the hottest vacation spots are and exactly how to have fun. Nick Lachey has shown this over the years. He is one of those guys who do not compromise on where they go for their vacations. Indeed a vacation for Nick Lachey is like oxygen, every year he seems to be on vacation somewhere on another. The most interesting thing about Nick is that he has a keen eye for quality vacationing spots. So what are Nick Lachey’s top get-away activities and destinations? 

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico 

Cabo_San_LucasMexico is where he was on his most recent vacation. The temperatures at this superb get away spot were made even hotter by his presence. Nick has never failed to make it into the list of hottest male celebrities. His presence at the beach in nothing more than his pair of slipper and beach shorts made several heads turn. Well of course this is an exaggeration but still he has a nice body and he does know how to show it off. 

Together with his wife Vanessa and their little son Camden, the 98 Degrees singer took to Mexico for a relaxing vacation on the beach. The vacation was one of its kind for the Lachey family after a long and tiring year- if Nick’s Instagram is anything to go by. Prior to his vacation at the Cabo San Lucas vacation in the December of 2013, he reflected on the year that was coming to a close but obviously social media is not what he does while he is on vacation. 

Basking in the sun happens to be one of his favorite get-away activities. Many are the photographs that have been taken of he and his wife basking in the warm sun of Cabo San Lucas. If you want to enjoy your vacation here, make sure that you pick a durable water bottle for your vacation. Lots of water will come in handy to enjoy yourself while you are out on the beach. Taking a deep in the water is always an option that the couple opts for once in a while. 

There is no one who leaves the beach without building a sand castle of sorts and Nick is not about to be the first one. Together with his wife Vanessa and their son, they built sandcastles of sorts. This however did not seem to be his favorite get away pastime. 

Turtle Island 

Turtle-Island-Reefs-FijiThe Turtle Island of Fiji is one of the finest places to go on a honeymoon. This resort offers an unparalleled experience to all who pay a visit to it. Nick and his ex-wife Jessica Simpson made their honeymoon here. For the services here, the charges are something slightly north of $1000 per night. You will want to check out restaurant manager CV to make sure that you will be treated to an excellent experience while you are here. If you are not sure what makes a good restaurant manager resume, here are couple samples. There are so many activities to be engaged in here apart from basking in the sun. Horseback riding on the beach and sailing in the lagoon are among the most exciting get-away activities at this resort.

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